Amethyst Spirit Quartz 14

1.6in × 0.9in × 2.9in  •  0.12 lbs

Amethyst Spirit Quartz is one of the most beautiful and distinct crystals in existence.  This crystal possesses intense energy that can be used for many purposes.  This crystal is known for its harmonious spiritual alignment.  The resonance of the Spirit Quartz encourages one to find their spiritual center. This is a stone that signifies being in line with the universal current.  Individuals in this current find that they achieve success more easily.

This crystal has characteristics of introspection and inner illumination.  It can bring clarify to the mind that is troubled by life’s difficulties.

Spirit Quartz can be used for improving both physical and psychic energy.  It’s high vibration is excellent for treating physical and emotional fatigue.  It also works well as a detoxifying agent, helping to purge the body of things which cause illness.


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