Luc is an intuitive healer and spiritual psychic medium. He is an empath, a teacher, a lover of all things natural and supernatural. He loves the benefits of crystals and uses them during his healing sessions with clients. All crystals sold on this site are hand picked for their healing qualities.

From a very young age, he knew he had a gift however he didn’t know how to define it. Later in life, he found an amazing teacher who helped him develop his skills further so that he could finally realize his true calling. Luc is able to connect with those in the spirit world by hearing, seeing and feeling your loved ones who are around you. His accuracy in providing you with evidential information will amaze you.

His goal is to raise the awareness of spirituality so that everyone may become more in sync with their purpose and intuitive selves. He also wants you to live your highest and best life by uncovering the underlying blocks to your happiness.

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